Hints For Practical Exam

Hints for practical exam

  • Don't Panic
  • Be organised by bringing your practical folder, pens,pencils,ruler,calculator
  • Work quickly and don't waste time searching through your notes
  • The exam lasts 1 hour 45 minutes and you have four exercises to do
  • Don't spend more than 30 min on any of the first three practical exercises
  • If there is a problem with the burette or any other piece of equipment ASK FOR HELP immediately


  • It is easy to mix up acid/alkali - they look very similar.LABEL any beakers you put solutions in AS SOON AS you pour anything out so that you do not fill your burette/pipette with the wrong stuff
  • Don't waste time getting your first reading on 0.00. ALL readings MUST be recorded to 2 dp
  • Remember to take out your funnel
  • Read the bottom of the meniscus for both burette and pipette
  • Do the first titration quickly to get a rough idea of the end point
  • As soon as you have two concordant titres i.e. within 0.20 STOP


  • record all observations/inferences as you have been taught
  • think about what you might be looking for in a test
  • if you have done a test which has "ruled out" an ion then don't include it later i.e. if there was no ppt with Barium Chloride it cannot be a sulphate at any point
  • in organic tests it is functional groups you are testing for not ions i.e. alcohol not hydroxide, iodoalkane not iodide ions


  • read the thermometer carefully
  • extrapolate the graph accurately


*think through the experiment
*outline practical procedures not too much detail
*spend 15 mins on this section

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