Last Weeks Questions

Question One

Explain the following: Water (RMM18) boils at 100 degrees. Methane (RMM16) boils at -191 degrees
HINT: think about the bonding rather than the mass!

Water has a higher boiling point, as it is polar and has hydrogen bonds -this means that it has stronger intermolecular forces, which require more energy to break than methane's. On the other hand methane is not polar (as it is symmetrical), and it does dot have hydrogen bonds. So the only intermolecular force that it does have is van der Waals, and this is not as strong as hydrogen bonds.

Question Two

When 3-methylhexan-3-ol vapour is passed over powdered Aluminium Oxide at 300 degrees C a mixture of three different products is formed.

a) Name the three products

b) Name the mechanism for this reaction


c) How would you show that the product was not an alcohol?

d) What functional group is present in all the products and how would you show it's presence?

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